Wo ist who wahre Kirche heute? Where is the true Church now?

Where is the true Church now?

J. Rothkranz

416 pages, with index of persons and literature

Thanks to ‘Pope’ Francis, to more and more people around the world it is becoming clear: the ‘Church of Vatican II’ can not possibly be the true Roman Catholic Church. But where did that Church go, of which Jesus Christ personally promised, that the gates of hell would not prevail against it?

This book gives the theologically well-founded answer to this question, which is becoming more and more urgent every day.

The first part forms a ‘Brief Overview of the question about the Church.’ In simple, easy-to-understand language, all results of the theological research in question are presented there.

The second part deals deeply with the two youngest (and hopefully last) attempts of traditionalists in France and the US to propose the church with great theological effort as the ‘in spite of everything still’ true Church. Both attempts are carefully examined on the basis of the traditional teachings of the Church and its great theologians and in this light prove complete failures.

The negative defense against errant ideas is to the third part a positive counterpart. Here again, based on the traditional teachings of the Church and its great theologians, it is proved that the true Roman Catholic Church nowadays exists in and out of all those Catholics (bishops, priests, members of orders and congregations, laymen) who consistently reject ‘Francis’ and the false ‘Church of Vatican II’. Although this true Church is worldwide spread (diaspora), it can be demonstrated in detail that it lacks nothing at all, which the true Church of Christ, the Roman Catholic, according to its own infallible teaching must unconditionally deserves, to be the true Church.

In the short fourth part several further errors of the last champions of the seeming ‘authenticity’ of the conciliar church are rejected, especially its entirely futile endeavor to defend the – demonstrably no longer existing – sacramental validity of the ‘new’ episcopal ordination of Paul VI. .

The equally short fifth movement systematically clarifies the Roman sedisvacancy, which many still try to prove with false arguments.

The book supports all Catholics who reject every communion with Bergoglio and his associates, with the peaceful certainty that it is precisely because of that – and only because of that – that they belong to the true Church of Christ. At the same time it gives them the necessary arguments to convince also well-meaning fellow human beings. 

The book (in German) is available from publisher Anton Schmid, Postfach 22, D-87467 Durach, Germany, telephone +4983121895 or http://www.verlag-anton-schmid.de/

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